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We provide a safe, fun, interactive entertainment experience that everyone of all ages can enjoy. With our mobile laser tag, we come to your home, building, church, or park. You can have the fun at the location of your choice anytime of the year.

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We’ll transform your backyard into a battleground.

Let us transform your backyard, front yard, or park into a modern laser tag arena. Our next generation laser tag equipment lets your birthday party guests live the video game. With a wide variety of games to play, tactical laser tag is an active adventure! Your Game Coach will referee the event, maximizing the birthday party fun.

Whether your guests divide into team squads or play free for all games, NELT creates a memorable laser tag birthday party they will be talking about for a long time!

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hit confirmation

Audible confirmation every time you hit or kill another player, allowing immersive gameplay just like your favorite video games.

night mode

Elite night mode allows players to enjoy a fun and interactive game without having to worry about getting lost in the dark. Players where headsets with sensors that pulse quickly at full health, and as health levels decrease, the headset will strobe at a slower rate, improving the chances of survival.

realtime scoring

Real-time scoring, just like the videos games. Check hits, kills, ammo, accuracy, who’s winning, team lives, team deaths and many more feature–packed stats, both on the guns and the game monitor live as you work to accomplish your mission!

game types

Tons of game types can be configured and broadcasted to the battlefield in seconds. Tactical Laser tag parties bring a wide array of game types to life. The games are meant to be quick and easy to play, keeping the entire experience fresh and exciting.

kill streaks

In–game Kill Streaks announced on your gun! Truly immersive and enhances the overall gaming experience. 

arcade mode

Many younger people love the hit feedback and kill streaks, but hardcore Mil-Sim lovers prefer the game to be as real as it can get. Arcade mode allows you to utilize the kill streaks feature with in-game messaging both by sound or display. The message can be configured for kids or adults. When a player is eliminated, the tagger gives instant hit feedback. As you eliminate players, points are earned. Arcade Mode is  just like your favorite video games.

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the event you don’t want to miss

It's better than a video game because you live the video game. You and your friends on a customized battlefield in your backyard.

we come to you

We Bring the Fun to YOU! - your backyard, park, school or town.


Coming soon...member accounts, leaderboards, discounts and more more.


We bring a massive speaker system music of all varieties that will fit the needs of any party.


NELT tournaments are going to be a wild ride for those who can't get enough of the NELT experience. Sign ups coming soon..

pure entertainment

Entertainment = Exercise + Entertainment. Adrenaline pumping, team-building fun and exercise.

pop up tents

Our camouflage tents creates a unique mission field that makes us stand out from the rest.

Public events

We are also present at the Following public events

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YMCA Bloomsburg
The Elk Lodge
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The Elk Lodge
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